Online Operations and Payments are live

In order to provide a better service to our consumers, Authority has established the information review and payment transaction services through our website and mobile applications.

Kibtek Mobile applications can be downloaded from PLAY STORE and APP STORE with the language options of; Turkish and English. The application is able to provide your consumer information, periodic payment information,periodic billing information, meter information and online payment methods.

In order to use KIBTEK Mobile application, your ID card number and Phone number is required to be registered on our customer database. If your phone number is registered and your ID number is missing, you will be able to use your 14 digits customer number. (CustomerNo: 01xxxxxxxxxxxx , 02xxxxxxxxxxxx, 03xxxxxxxxxxxx , 04xxxxxxxxxxxx , 05xxxxxxxxxxxx ).

You can do the same operations through our website www.kibtek.com. https://online.kibtek.com

In the cases of any misunderstanding or problem, you can send your questions to call.center@kibtek.com. You, on the other hand; can call our call center on 0392 6000960.

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